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足彩外围网站’s Response to COVID-19

足彩外围网站’s COVID-19 Global Response Team is monitoring the pandemic on a daily basis, adhering to the guidance of public health organizations around the world, and adjusting business continuity plans as necessary.

Ensuring the health and safety of our employees remains our highest priority. We remain highly committed to providing our customers the engineered materials necessary to manufacture critical products required by healthcare professionals and consumers to maintain good health, cleanliness, and personal comfort during this challenging time. 足彩外围网站 PEOPLE are making a difference through their resilience and dedication to sustain production for products such as wipes, health and hygiene products, and food and beverage items.

To ensure uninterrupted operations and security of supply for our customers through our end-to-end supply chain, we have taken several actions to protect the health and safety of our employees and regularly evaluate these actions to ensure they remain relevant and effective given the on-going situation:

  • Shifted to a work-from-home arrangement, where feasible, and discontinued entry of non-essential visitors to 足彩外围网站 sites to mitigate the potential spread of the virus among our workforce
  • Expanded safety and hygiene protocols within our sites to instill a “duty of care” mindset among employees to include frequent and vigilant handwashing, regular disinfecting of work and common areas, and social distancing mandates to maintain a safe working environment
  • Implemented stringent procedures to quickly isolate team members with symptoms of illness including but not limited to COVID-19
  • Discontinued all business travel until further notice
  • Developed frequent communications and leveraged technology to keep all employees informed and connected through the pandemic
  • Acknowledged employees who are keeping our sites operating through the pandemic by providing a one-time recognition bonus to demonstrate appreciation for their dedication and professionalism

足彩外围网站 remains open for business as a result of the resolve and commitment of 足彩外围网站 PEOPLE around the world.

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